2015-16 Vintage Report

Winter saw us record generally average temperatures. No major frosts were recorded but temperatures in late August were notably cold overnight.

Overall, rainfall for winter was lower than average, due to a dry June 2015. At the end of winter an EI Nino weather pattern was forecast.

The first week of September marked the beginning of the growing season. Budburst occurred in most vineyards by the 1st of the month.

Spring conditions were very dry with the […]

Autumn in the vineyard

The main task after picking is the post harvest irrigation; the vines now receive a very deep watering and fertigation with either iron or kelp prior to them shutting down. We now start to plan soil testing and mid row weed management. After the leaves have fallen the vines will then be ready for pruning, scheduled for June/July.

2011 Vintage

The 2011 Vintage posed many challenges. The Thomas Vineyard grapes were finally picked on Saturday 26th March, four weeks later than last year; picking was cancelled twice due to the rain throughout March. The quantity was way down on the 2010 vintage, the Baume was 14.6 so hopefully the quality will be consistent to our past vintages.