Our search led us to the renowned wine area at McLaren Vale, which has an enviable reputation as being one of the foremost areas in Australia for growing the Shiraz grape. We are located about 45 kilometres south of Adelaide.

The Thomas Vineyard is situated on the Fleurieu Peninsular and is three kilometres from the coast of the Gulf of St Vincent. Because we are so close to the ocean it gives us a unique weather advantage of having no frosts during our winter months. It also provides a cooling sea breeze during the intensely hot summer which helps to avoid the sun burning the fruit. The weather conditions have proved to be ideal to achieve an early ripening period, Our vintage history shows that we are one of the first Shiraz crops to be harvested. Ideally the grapes should be picked in the coolness of the evening to avoid ‘Bin’ fermentation, crushed in the winery as quickly as possible to maintain the tannins and fruit quality that is important in the process of high flavored wine with a good length in the ageing process.

There were three criteria that came into the equation, ‘Consistency, Price and Reliability’ for example; the wine style maintaining its characteristic. This was difficult to achieve because the ability to adhere to this criteria was to find suitable land, which encourages excellent nutrients, in which grapevines flourish and develop. The land and soil structure, which we felt had these criteria, is commonly known as ‘Bay of Biscay’. This soil has the consistency of clay when wet it also has a lime sub soil structure.

Price can be maintained to be competitive, because all of the fruit is estate grown and not dependant on blending from fruit which has been outsourced, thereby maintaining very importantly the consistency and reliability in the finished product.

We believe that it is important to be totally in control of every aspect of the production of the wine and the shipping of each order, guaranteeing as much as possible a quality service to you the customer. We feel that it is also very important to build and maintain a personal contact point with you the consumer so that we can be ever aware of your points of view.