Winter saw us record generally average temperatures. No major frosts were recorded but temperatures in late August were notably cold overnight.

Overall, rainfall for winter was lower than average, due to a dry June 2015. At the end of winter an EI Nino weather pattern was forecast.

The first week of September marked the beginning of the growing season. Budburst occurred in most vineyards by the 1st of the month.

Spring conditions were very dry with the rainfall in September and October very much below average. November temperatures were above average with a wet start during the first week.

The year ended very warm with a heatwave in the middle of December which meant disease pressure decreased.

Temperatures tended to stay warmer than average during January with a strong cold front ending the month with milder conditions,

Despite a mostly dry month in February, Mclaren Vale had doubled our average rainfall overhaul. This was due to one storm on the 2nd and 3rd of February, fortunately it did not cause widespread berry splitting and Botrytis levels remained low to average in the aftermath.

The intense rainfall at the beginning of February had a positive effect on the grapes as it increased bunch weights at harvest.  The total harvested tonnage was 36% higher than the previous year with above average quality.